Mission & Purpose


The mission of The Center of Rational Spirituality (CRS) is to facilitate the natural development of human consciousness. At the core of each individual lies the source of human potential and wisdom in its natural state. This is realized through proper meditation and rational spiritual thought and practice, regardless of philosophical, religious, cultural, racial, political, or social proclivities. CRS programs and activities are conducted in a manner that are consistent with these tenets and facilitate evolution of humanity as well as the individual.


Historically, innate psychological health and spirituality has been obscured due to economic, cultural, intellectual, and other social barriers. The purpose of CRS is to help people in today’s society awaken to their inherent psychological health and spirituality. This is done by teaching proper meditation and integrating ancient spiritual wisdom with modern rational thought.

All CRS activities are designed to facilitate the dissemination of Michael Mamas’ Knowledge. The impetus for forming CRS was to create accessible and affordable venues for appropriately delivering this Knowledge to people in modern society.

Mission and Purpose of The Center of Rational Spirituality (CRS)