Welcome to the Center of Rational Spirituality

Rational Thought, Spiritual Understanding

The Center of Rational Spirituality (CRS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to evolving humanity through the integration of ancient spiritual wisdom with modern rational thought. CRS offers programs to people from all countries, regardless of religious or economic status.

Ongoing CRS projects include:

  • The Center of Rational SpiritualityClasses – Taught by Michael Mamas, these classes serve as the primary resource for the Knowledge of Michael Mamas.
  • Meditation Retreats – These retreats offer deep rest to the physiology and provide a profound way to drop accumulated stress. They also provide a tremendous boost to one’s daily meditation practice.
  • Work/Study Program – This is a way to maximize one’s efforts in the areas of personal development and spiritual evolution. The environment and all activities support the growth and well-being of the individual.
  • Visitor Center – Hosts classes, retreats, and lectures and functions as the welcome center for Sri Somesvara Temple. It also hosts twice daily group meditation.
  • Sri Somesvara Temple – Provides a place to experience precise Vedic technology. Everything regarding the temple is designed to bring out the natural harmony and coherence found at the base of life.
  • Student Union – Furnishes dining facilities and accommodations for course participants.
  • Bring Mount Soma’s Purpose to Fruition – Mount Soma was created to help raise the consciousness of humanity by applying the principles of nature (Vedic Knowledge) to all areas of life.

How to Become Involved:

It is our hope that these resources assist the natural blossoming (unfolding) of your life and bring satisfaction to the heart and mind.