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How to Keep Your Life from Stagnating

Master the ‘Adaptation and Change Cycle’ (Part 1)

Adaptation and Change - Michael MamasThe Huffington Post just published one of my new articles. It begins:

In many ways, our minds and bodies work in a similar manner. By observing the behavior of one, we come to better understand the other. The mind and body are both highly adaptive systems.

In the arena of physical fitness, adaptation is very well known. If you continue to do the same workout routine week after week, the body adapts and then ceases to grow. Similarly, we adapt to whatever lifestyle we live. This process starts in early childhood and persists throughout life. Even as adults, we adapt to the behavior of our friends and loved ones. We conform (adapt) to a relationship dynamic that we create with our partners. Even bad habits become part of our normal and comfortable routine. In other words, we adapt and align with whatever has become familiar…

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“How to Keep Your Life From Stagnating: Master the ‘Adaptation and Change’ Cycle”

7 Common Barriers to Communication

Barriers to Communication - Michael MamasI just posted a new article on LinkedIn. It begins:

“Communication skills are often taught from a technique standpoint. However, the foundation of communication skills lies deeper within us, involving our emotional instincts and unchecked habits. Awareness of such behavioral patterns is the foundation of communication mastery. By exploring the following examples, the door opens to a world of understanding and wise communication”…

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“7 Common Barriers to Communication”

4 Ways to Prevent the ‘Tragedy of the Commons’

Tragedy of the Commons - Michael MamasEntrepreneur.com just published one of my latest articles. It begins:

The tragedy of the commons is an economic theory which outlines the problems with people sharing communal property versus private ownership. An example of communal property is when employees don’t feel any ownership in the furniture, fixtures or building grounds, so they don’t report problems when they occur. Whereas, in private ownership, any asset is checked and taken care of to avoid expensive repairs.

The tragedy of the commons is a principle that can devastate your business if you’re not careful…

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“4 Ways Your Business Can Prevent the ‘Tragedy of the Commons'”

The Most Important Thirty Minutes in Your Day

Most Important 30 Minutes in Your Day - Michael MamasI just published a new article on LinkedIn. It begins:

“Andre Agassi once got some bad publicity for saying, ‘Image is everything.’ In the business world, while image is not everything, it certainly counts for a lot. And, a big part of image is self-image. Interestingly, the state of one’s physical body is one determinant of self-image. Not only how well your body functions, but also how comfortable you feel in your body. One way to achieve that balance in your body is through exercise. It’s been said that if you could put the benefits of exercise into a pill, it would be the most prescribed medication on the planet. The benefits are without limit: health, self-image, clarity of mind, stress release, psychological well-being, etc…”

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“The Most Important Thirty Minutes in Your Business Day”