Courses Intro

There are a number of courses sponsored by CRS, all designed to help a person with their personal and spiritual growth. Some courses are freestanding and others are residence courses. Almost all courses are offered at Mount Soma, a destination and retreat center near Asheville, North Carolina. The other course locale is Walnut Creek, California. All courses are powerful, unique, and full, providing much more than can be described in words.


CoursesClasses are offered on both coasts and are taught by Michael Mamas. Mount Soma classes are four 3-day weekends a year and California classes are two 3-day weekends a year. All classes cover a variety of topics in a way that helps free individuals from their indoctrination and conditioning. The purpose is to help people increasingly resonate with their innate divinity and live from that place. This allows a person to function from a place of infinite creativity, happiness, and wisdom, and promotes true health, integration, and full Self-expression.

Work/Study Program

For those who are serious about their spiritual evolution, a Work/Study Program is available. This is a residence course at Mount Soma with a minimum 6-month commitment. It is an opportunity to learn spiritual principles and apply them to daily life, while at the same time working on projects that support the vision for Mount Soma. This can provide a huge boost to one’s spiritual evolution by helping free a person from conditioning and allowing a person to better rest into their true nature.

Seva Course

Those who cannot commit to the Work/Study Program can participate in the Seva Course. The minimum commitment is 2 weeks. Like the Work/Study Program, it is a residence course at Mount Soma. Because of less commitment, it may have less class/lecture time with Michael Mamas and fewer meditation rounds, but is a wonderful opportunity to grow while supporting the vision for Mount Soma (which supports the world).

Meditation Retreats

Meditation Retreats are offered at Mount Soma several times a year. They are a great way to relax and let go of deep accumulated stress. A boost to a person’s spiritual evolution and overall health, Meditation Retreats are good to attend annually or more.