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Fundamental Principles Series

#1: Discernment

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Michael Mamas discusses the fundamental principle of discernment. As Adi Shankara said, the spiritual path is the path of discernment. Discernment is not done with just the mind. It is certainly not done with just the emotions. It is not a matter of the mind rallying around the emotions to create a rationalization to justify your reactions…

#2: The Unified Field

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Dr. Mamas discusses the Unified Field. Modern Physics calls it the unified field. It is also called the transcendent and the absolute. The ancient rishis, as well as some modern physicists, call it consciousness. It is oneness… the one thing out of which all things emerge…

#3: The Structure of Consciousness

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The Unified Field (God) is continually sending a vibration through the universe. As a result, the evolution of species is propelled forward in a direction that, over time, more and more fully embodies the intelligence, order, harmony, and coherence inherent in the Unified Field itself. That process culminates with a species that fully embodies all of the intelligence inherent in the Unified Field. That species is humankind…

#4: Mapping

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Everything maps onto everything else. This is a fundamental principle of nature. You are the unified field. The shoes you wear are also the unified field. That is just physics. If you are the unified field and your shoes are the unified field, it follows you are your shoes. It is called mapping…

#5: Personification Of

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There is one God. Each of the Gods is the personification of a different aspect of God. The Gods are the laws of nature, the mechanisms of existence. Generally, your relationship with the Gods starts with viewing God as if outside of yourself. You revere God as distant… as something beyond you. However, your relationship with God culminates in becoming one with God… in finding the Gods within you.

#6: The Reality Continuum

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The Reality Continuum is a much deeper theory than the simple notion of multiple realities and parallel universes. Our universe is a Reality Continuum: an infinite number of simultaneous realities coexisting in an uninterrupted spectrum permeating every point in existence.

Science & Spirituality Series

#1: Darwinism/Creationism Resolution

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Michael Mamas discusses “Darwinism/Creationism Resolution” in this audio. There has been a debate between Creationists (man was born in God’s image) and the scientists, the Darwinists, the biologists (species evolve). It seems like there is no reconciliation between the two. This takes a very rational, very mature, unbiased look at the whole thing and see what unfolds.

#2: Manifestation of Existence

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Fundamental to the understanding of the nature of life and existence is something called “the unified field.” All the qualities of the unified field are, in fact, just the qualities of consciousness itself. This is really interesting because the ancient Seers and Rishis have been saying that for thousands of years.

#3: Free Will vs. Predetermination

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Dr. Michael Mamas discusses “Free Will vs. Predetermination” in this audio. Modern physicists are starting to see that consciousness affects the probability cloud, for instance. The degree to which your consciousness is awake to the level of the probability cloud, the level of infinite freedom, determines the degree to which you are really free. You may think you are free, but are you really?

#4: The Fate of Pure Knowledge

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“When the Master speaks, it immediately ceases to be what the Master said and becomes what the listener heard. Therein, lies the birth of religion.” – Michael Mamas

#5: The King & Queen of the Universe

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Life has two aspects: Like the left and right side of the brain, the logic, pure intellect, and the psychology, feelings, emotions. We can say it is like the King and Queen of the Universe, the intellect and the psyche. Human evolution is about the integration of those two aspects of life.

#6: Religion and Culture

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Michael Mamas discusses “Religion and Culture” in this audio. People look at religion and it doesn’t make any sense, so they want to sterilize the whole thing. In one sense, getting past the superstitions and distortions is a good thing. Nevertheless, you don’t want to throw out the whole thing and abandon the value of religions and what they offer.

#7: Reviving the Knowledge of Religion

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In ancient times, there was a great saint named, Adi Shankara, who said that spiritual Knowledge needs to be purified every generation. Because the Knowledge is subtle, it gets lost. This also applies to religion and the teachings of the Masters and the great Knowledge that they have.

#8: The ‘I Get It’ Syndrome

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Dr. Mamas discusses “The ‘I Get It’ Syndrome” in this audio. When you drop a pebble in a pond, rings go cascading out. Each ring parallels an outer ring. So, if you were living on one of the rings and looked at the ring right next to it, you might say, “Same thing, I understand everything about that ring.” And as you go inward, and more inward, to the rings close to the pebble, you would say, “I understand the point of entry, no difference.”

Awakening to Your True Nature Series

Part 1: The Fundamentals

This audio addresses the nature of the Self, and the process of spiritual evolution. Part 1 includes discussion of the following topics, as well as questions from the audience: Stepping Beyond Your Paradigm; Finding the Source of Knowledge; What is Consciousness? The Play of Consciousness & the Loss of Self to Illusion; What is Existence? The Self-Interacting Dynamic of the Unified Field; What it Means to Be Human; Darwinism & Creationism; Indoctrination vs Emancipation.

Part 2: The Process of Spiritual Evolution

From a Michael Mamas talk addressing the nature of the Self, and the process of spiritual evolution. Part 2 includes discussion of the following topics, as well as questions from the audience: Why do Children Suffer? Understanding Karma & Dharma; Tools for Evolution; Loving Thy Neighbor – on Oneness; Meditation and Discernment; State of Consciousness after Death; Is God the same as Consciousness?; Humility and Wisdom – The “I-Get-It” Syndrome; Technology of the Unified Field.

The Value of Vedic Knowledge

Michael Mamas speaks to a group visiting Mount Soma and answers questions about the value of Vedic Knowledge, the path of evolving to be in harmony with the nature of existence, and how he came to find this Knowledge and begin building the Mount Soma Vedic Community.