Sri Somesvara Temple

Sri Somesvara TempleSri Somesvara Temple was constructed with strict adherence to Vedic technology. Constructed with over 46 tons of hand-carved granite from South India, Sri Somesvara Temple was completed in May, 2011.

Though we live in a time where a wide range of spiritual perspectives often directly oppose one another, the notion of one unifying source is today acknowledged through not only religious, but also scientific understanding. By awakening to that one Source, individuals are supported and nourished, regardless of their personal, religious or philosophical affinity. By bringing this deeper understanding out to the world, differences resolve, harmony ensues, and peace can prevail in the world without compromising anyone’s cultural, social, or religious integrity.

Veda, the unifying core of existence, offers fundamental technologies to nourish all humanity. Within Veda, the rationality of science and the grandeur of the Divine merge. Through strict adherence to Vedic guidelines, Sri Somesvara Temple brings out the subtle value of precise and profound Vedic technology.

The one unifying core of existence, universally known as God, is worshipped in many different ways throughout the world. Regardless of one’s form of worship, Sri Somesvara will bring forth the infinite, everlasting, and supreme qualities of that Divinity, nourishing and supporting all humanity.