Surya Ram Classes with Michael MamasEach Surya Ram Class provides students with a wide spectrum of experiences, making class intriguing, inspiring, and fulfilling. All classes are taught by Michael Mamas.

Classes begin and end with the Surya Ram Meditation. What distinguishes Michael Mamas from some other excellent teachers is his three-pronged approach of meditation, personal process and eternal knowledge:

  • Meditation based not upon mind-control, but upon a natural awakening to the Divinity that eternally dwells within you.
  • Personal Process that does not impose anything upon you, but frees your inner perfection to permeate all aspects of your life.
  • Eternal Knowledge that liberates the inner intelligence of the mind, body, and spirit, the necessary element for true growth.

We recommend that you practice Surya Ram Meditation twice daily for at least 2 weeks before attending a course. If you are new to Surya Meditation, it is preferable to practice Surya Ram Meditation for a month, and then learn Surya Ram Meditation with Advanced Technique.