Mount Soma Vision

CRS Vision for the World

CRS Vision for the WorldIn this day and age, we are on information overload. With all this information coming in, it becomes more obvious how much conflict there is amongst all areas of life, all areas of study. It also becomes apparent how much misinformation there is. The Center of Rational Spirituality is about providing a new context for all areas of knowledge, one that unifies and allows it all to make sense.

You could liken the CRS Vision for the World to the assembly of a 1000-piece puzzle. At first, clusters of pieces assemble independently. Each cluster represents a field of study, like psychology or physics. It is only when those clusters finally come together that the big picture is seen. Some of the clusters will get turned upside down. Others that we thought belonged in the upper right hand corner will be moved to the lower left. No field will be left unchanged. Every field viewed in the context of the greater whole will be transformed. Buckminster Fuller’s notion of synergy—the whole being more than the sum of its parts—will discover its ultimate fulfillment. The whole, the big picture, is what spirituality truly is. This is why we live in the greatest time of human history. All the pieces are finally coming together.

Huge advancements have been made in a wide range of fields—physics, biology, psychology, religious studies, and computer science to name a few. We have now advanced those fields of study to the point they can be merged into a seamless whole. We will no longer have to choose between rationality and spirituality. They will merge. Numerous books expound the spirituality of modern physics. They are two sides of the same one coin. Soon, that will become more than just an interesting notion.

This can only be genuinely attained through the integration of the left and right brain. For the intuitive and intellectual aspects of human awareness to merge, the brain must function in a more integrated manner. It is one thing to conceive of the integration of rationality and spirituality, but for it to actually happen, the physiology must shift. This is what is meant by true spiritual evolution.

Spirituality will be understood as the vessel, the container, that holds all fields of knowledge and brings them all together in seamless harmony. This will happen only when the physiology shifts, when it is directly experienced. Areas of thought that were seen as mutually exclusive or in conflict will be brought together by understanding, through direct experience, their shared essence. Apparently contradictory religious teachings will harmoniously coexist. Globally, cultural integrities, both Eastern and Western, will be nourished. Every field of life will be transformed.

Vision for Mount Soma

Mount Soma is being developed to support CRS’ vision for the world. The answer is in providing technologies that bring people and their environment into alignment with the nature of existence and closer to the essence of who they are, their true nature. The word for this is “Vedic Technology.”

If you take a walk in nature, it provides a level of relaxation, comfort, and peacefulness that is just not found in the city. This has to do with nature’s vibration that permeates the forest, mountain, desert, ocean area, etc. Vedic Technology works on the level of this vibration and helps bring this healthy, peaceful, coherent, and harmonious vibration to other levels of life.

Vision for Mount SomaOn a big picture level, utilizing Vedic Technology means building all structures according to Vastu, the Vedic architectural science that enables a structure to resonate with nature’s vibration, thereby bringing the inherent balance of nature to everyone in that structure. It is a very precise science with certain basic architectural principles to be utilized, and measurement precision up to 1/16 of an inch. When there is a whole locality of Vastu structures, the peace and harmony of nature is brought to the whole community. Because of the resonance of the community structures, the resonance with nature is exponentially increased. This is why all structures at Mount Soma are Vastu structures.

Taking this one step further, if you have a Vastu structure known as a Temple, it is designed, built, and maintained even more precisely. It is specifically constructed to emanate the peaceful and harmonious vibration of nature not only to the people within the structure, but also to the surrounding environment. The ceremonies inside the Temple are technologies of the unified field of physics and utilize the mathematics principle of mapping (correlation) very precisely. Vedic Technology is a very subtle science and one very thoroughly described in ancient Vedic texts. Between the Vastu construction and the Vedic Technology being used inside the Temple, it in effect becomes a powerful unified field generator, a generator of the peace, health, and harmony found at the base level of existence. Sri Somesvara at Mount Soma is such a Temple. If you build more Temples and coordinate them so they all work together, it exponentially magnifies the vibration that is radiated out thousands of times. This is why the plan is to build a group of Temples that are operated in coordination with each other.

Eventually, the plan is to have a Vedic University where the ancient and powerful knowledge of Veda can be applied to all fields of study, a place where East meets West academically. This will result in new understandings and technologies that have heretofore not been available. There are also plans to have a World Business Center where leaders from all over the world can meet in an environment that promotes peace, harmony, and integrity in everyone and everything. This is also an environment where cultural integrity is not only respected, but honored and supported. Additionally, there are plans to have a Vedic Wellness Center, where Vedic Knowledge is applied to the area of health and healing. This will help practitioners learn to function beyond models and support a client’s innate blueprint for health that drives their self-normalizing process.

Individuals and Groups

Mount Soma in FallOn an individual level, the vision involves teaching people the Surya Ram Meditation, an ancient technique from the Himalayas brought forth by Michael Mamas. By resting into the source of one’s being, the unified field level (mentioned above), deep-seated stresses in the mind and body are released. One’s inherently divine true nature is freed to well up and permeate all aspects of life. Group meditation, because of the strength of group resonance, exponentially magnifies the power of this meditation. When there is a group of people who regularly meditate together, the coherence and power increases even more. For that reason, meditation is generally offered at Mount Soma to residents and guests twice daily. Almost all courses include meditation. Guests who do not know the Surya Ram Meditation are taught meditation free of charge and are invited to join the next round of group meditation free of charge.

All courses and programs at Mount Soma are designed to help people spiritually evolve, evolve their consciousness. This includes group meditation, classes, lectures, work-study programs, and retreats. It is part of the greater vision of Mount Soma, a place where absolutely everything—the courses, the buildings, and the environment as a whole—help raise their consciousness and promote people’s personal evolution and health.