Humanity’s Place in the Universe
by Michael Mamas

The history of the universe is an exquisite progression: 1) The outward cycle—the Big Bang (seeĀ The Big Bang Theory, A New Perspective). Consciousness interacting with itself manifests as the expanding universe. 2) The inward cycle—separation returning to oneness.

In the evolution of life, that process culminated in a species that returned to oneness—unified everything within itself. The human species is at that critical point in the cycle. With a little refinement, human individuals can unify everything within their being. So in the greater scheme of things, human beings occupy a truly remarkable position. What may be even more remarkable is that humanity, while occupying that position, is so oblivious to its own potential.

The fundamental pulse of our universe, from unity to multiplicity and back, is embodied by the human spirit. Our species can bring completion to that cycle. We dwell on the crest of the wave—the unification of all diversity within the awareness of an individual. Upon attaining that unification, it is no longer appropriate (strictly speaking) to refer to us as merely human. At that point, we become something more.

This place we occupy in the universe is as powerful as it is critical. If one is to run off the road, it is better to do so on a tricycle than in a sports car. As human beings, we occupy the ultimate cosmic sports car. When we drive irresponsibly, the results are horrific.

It is universally understood that throughout history humans have unleashed an unparalleled tyranny upon the earth. Some have used this fact to argue that human beings are not the most evolved species, but the least. This is not correct. We are simply the vehicle with the biggest and most powerful engine. When we run astray, we do it in a big way. Until the state of unity is attained, humanity will continue to unleash havoc upon the world.

Your greatest treasure is the potential to unify your awareness. Only then can you live in harmony with natural law.

© Michael Mamas, 2/06