It’s All About People
by Michael Mamas

Consciousness is all that matters. It’s all there is. The universe is constructed of consciousness. Another way of saying the exact same thing is: “It’s all about people.” By “people,” I mean individualized awareness, individualized universality. Where there is individual consciousness, there is perspective. Each perspective defines the universe anew. As individual consciousness evolves, that perspective becomes less and less confused, less and less distorted, more and more in harmony with the nature of life and existence. However, it remains a perspective. Newtonian physics is aperspective, as is the five element theory, yin and yang philosophy, and so on. Perspective is all about people.

Bringing this to a practical level, life is all about people. Unfortunately, the inclination is to lose the person to a given task which is defined by yourperspective. The task at hand takes on almighty importance. You might be so focused on the task that you are negligent of the person or people you are dealing with. Because this comprises your relationship with the nature of life, it compromises your ability to accomplish the task. The best way to achieve in life is to have your primary focus on your relationship with the people involved. Life is all about people.

If your relationship with people is good, the task will lead to success. However, all too often, when people focus on a relationship, they don’t focus on the evolution and cultivation of that relationship. It’s all too easy to hold onto your memory of how that person wronged you, how they hurt you. You hold and evaluate them in those terms. That not only holds back your relationship with the person, but it also holds back the person. It’s as if you put them in a consciousness box. Opinions of people inhibit the evolution of people. Cultivation of relationship cultivates the evolution of people.

The key to a successful, healthy, and happy life lies in the cultivation of relationship. As that becomes your way of life, obstacles will dissolve. Your pursuit of any task will then be supported by other individuals.

It’s probably quite enough to spend time reflecting on this as it relates to your friends and relatives. Do that, and see your life change dramatically for the better. Soon you will come to know that everything you could possibly want is being offered to you. It is merely the obstacles that you put up that prevent you from having it. This is not only true of people, but of personified consciousness in the most expanded sense of the word. Culturing your relationship with divinity, with God, is the same. All too often, we cling to a perspective in that context as well. To evolve is to reject your current world view. As something cultures, it changes. What was, is no more.

How ardently so many cling to a categorization of their friends, relatives, competitors, and of course, their enemies, thusly stagnating their life. There is so much waste in the world. Waste is born of rigidity and inability to flow. I’d like to encourage you to pick a relationship that is important to you and reflect upon it. How do you hold that person in your heart and mind? Does it limit that person in any way? Does it impede the evolution of your relationship with that person? How do you deemphasize them by overemphasizing a task? That task can include imposing your will upon them.

Imagine living a level of life when your thoughts and actions are harmonized with the evolutionary impetus underlying all of nature, all the while knowing it to be unknowable. It is all about the heart, a heart that spontaneously lives in devotion, not to a task, not to a perspective, but to the divinity of individualized universality that is the very substance creation is made of.

© Michael Mamas, 5/09