Taking On Karma
by Michael Mamas

What does it mean to take on karma? How do the mechanics of karma operate?

It struck me… just how important that understanding is. The notion of karma is rather common in the world today. However, understanding not just the notion of karma, but its actual mechanic, opens the door to a deeper and wiser relationship with life. How does karma work on a practical real-world level?

This can be illustrated through an analogy with (odd as it may sound) cartoons. Enter with me, a cartoon dreamlike world of karma. For fun, let’s invite Bruce, our endeared friend from The Golden Frog, into this world. In this cartoon world, all things (including thoughts, emotions, feelings, music, concepts—everything) have a tangible, wavelike, almost material, though essentially invisible (to most), component. Call that component an aspect of karma.

Bruce takes a walk through a village in this world, completely unaware of the mechanics of karma. Imagine him walking by a snake charmer playing his flute before a cobra. Picture the waves of karma floating through the air, permeating the space, and entrancing Bruce. Bruce is taking on that karma. Of course, though his senses and mind are taken over by the spell, he is unaware of what has happened. Within the inebriated state he has slipped into, everything still has a rational… a self-justification. Bruce hangs out in that space for however long he does, taking on and resonating with his karma in the form of the charmer’s spell.

Eventually, for whatever reason, Bruce drifts away from the charmer’s influence. Perhaps the charmer stops playing, or perhaps Bruce stumbles off down another corridor. As he strolls through the village, he comes upon the shop of an herbalist offering free samples. Entranced by the universal karmic ethers that say, “Anything free is good,” Bruce cannot help but to try a sample. He enjoys the mystery of herbal concoctions and is enthralled with the promises the herbalist makes. Imagine a cartoon karmic caricature of the herb passing Bruce’s lips, going down his throat and into his stomach as etheric waves of karmic influence from the herb permeate every cell of his body.

Now, shift your attention to the herbalist sitting in his shop mixing his latest brew. The brew becomes imbibed with the karmic cloud of the herbalist’s being, his aura. Herbs are a concentrated and deeply penetrating source of energy (karma) that intermingles with the depth of the consumer’s being. This particular herbalist is not of a scrupulous nature. His interest is primarily how to coerce money out of his clients. He does it largely through manipulation and seductive dialogue. Though his herbs may well have some value, they are laced with the tentacles of his lowly nature. His concoctions carry his ominous vibrations. All of these influences permeate Bruce’s heart and create a self-reinforcing mentality that rules his thoughts. They determine the nature of his speech and the color of the glasses through which he perceives the world. By surrendering himself to them, they overtake him to ever-increasing degrees. Like happens with some, it could become a deep-freeze karma that he rigidly adheres to throughout his life.

Another herbalist down the street chants mantras of black magic regularly and his herbs thusly carry that vibration deep within the consumer’s being. Of course, Bruce cannot resist this herbalist’s free samples either. Bruce then becomes a reservoir of numerous karmic influences that color his heart, his mind, and his body.

Somewhere in the village dwells an herbalist who lives a life of purity. His formulas facilitate the cultivation of supreme health, i.e., alignment with natural law.

Fortunately, through his life/lives, Bruce has found himself in the influence of many positive karmic forces. The home in which he grew up was loving and good. That karmic influence permeated him and he carries it with him to this day. His early school years were good. His school teachers were loving and supportive. In this cartoon world, you can visualize those positive karmic influences as a host of guardian angels that go with him throughout his life.

Good karma can be seen as etheric wave-like (energetic) influences that help to align you with your Divine Inner Nature, your wisdom and health. They support and protect you, assisting you along life’s road which eventually leads you to enlightenment.

Everything has a karmic field and emits corresponding karmic waves. The web karma weaves is complex and alluring. Your clothes, the food you eat, your home, your friends, the people, teachings, and mentalities you associate with… everything. You are walking through a karmic cartoon called worldly life. Spend some time viewing your life in that manner. Your ability to discern is vital to your evolution.

© Michael Mamas, 11/04