The Awakening
by Michael Mamas

Throughout history, it has been commonly recognized that all things are one. For centuries, that unifying factor has been called God. In recent times, it has been referred to as the unified field of modern physics.

What has been far less commonly recognized is man’s place in that unified system of existence. From the moment of manifestation, everything has been evolving, gravitating back to an awareness of its own true nature… the unified field… a field of infinite harmony and intelligence… pure consciousness… pure Is-ness. That evolutionary process finds its fulfillment in a species where the individual can fully embody the grandeur of his essence, the unified field. That species is the human species.

This notion may, at first glance, seem straightforward enough, but the implications are vast and leave no area of life untouched. The more fully this notion is explored, the more obvious its validity becomes, as it entirely transforms, yet reaffirms, all areas of life. Psychotherapy is understood to be the facilitation of awakening to one’s own true nature, the unified field. Physics is understood as the study of the mechanics of the dynamic cycle of manifestation and reunification. Biological evolution is seen as the process of species gravitating back to their source, the unified field. Theological notions are unveiled anew as religions merge with rationality. The unification of science and spirituality is revealed. Health is understood to be the alignment of physiology with the underlying coherence that manifested and maintains life. A new context for everything is discovered. The teachings of the ancient masters, the essence of the world’s religions, are given new life in this profoundly transformative light.

When this understanding becomes mainstream, all areas of human endeavor unify into a seamless whole, each deepening our relationship with the other. Humanity will be inspired to ascend to its most laudable and appropriate role, a beacon light that radiates harmony and health throughout the planet.

To understand this conceptually is a beginning. By taking the time to reflect, this idea becomes increasingly compelling, and eventually self-evident. Upon realizing its truth deep within you, your personal transformation will be ignited and your life will never be the same. You will have had The Awakening to the secret essence of life that dwells in all things. Once this is discovered, it is clearly apparent. Yet, until it is discovered, it remains the mystery that has eluded humanity throughout the ages.

I invite you to pursue this Awakening and use it to transform not only your life, but the entire family of humanity.

© Michael Mamas, 4/07