What Does It Mean to be Human?

I grew up in a scientifically oriented home: an electrical engineer father and a Ph.D. in modern physics brother. I double majored in honors physics and mathematics in undergrad, essentially an atheist. My life pursuit has been for knowledge. I didn’t really care what I found out. I just wanted to know the true nature of life and existence. To convey everything I discovered would require volumes. The more things seamlessly came together from so many diverse angles of approach, the more confident I became in their validity. What follows is a brief introduction to what I discovered.

What Does it Mean to Be Human? | Michael Mamas

Today, many scientists are theorizing that the brain is a quantum mechanical computer. They also theorize that a unified field underlies all existence and is the one thing out of which all things emerge, sometimes referred to as the super particle of quantum physics. This gives birth not only to the quantum mechanical realm, but all levels of existence. Interestingly enough, some modern physicists feel that the more they study the unified field, the more they realize it is Consciousness. In other words, everything is, in its essence, the same one thing, the unified field, Consciousness.

It is striking to note the parallel between these notions and the spiritual teachings underlying most all religions. In the Christian religion, it is also said that one thing (namely God) is the source of everything in existence. In the Hindu tradition, all this is considered to simply be the play (Maya) of the one thing that underlies all existence, Consciousness.

The ancient Seers (Rishis) taught that through proper meditation, one’s awareness can transcend relativity, awakening to the one thing that is the source of all existence, a field of pure Consciousness. So it seems the idea of a quantum mechanical brain, the unified field, and ancient spiritual teachings weave together in a most intriguing way. The further one investigates this, the more compelling it becomes. The notion does give rise to a fascinating perspective of what it means to be human.

Is it possible that the Christian notions of being born again, finding God through Christ, and the idea that the kingdom of heaven dwells within could parallel the Hindu and Buddhist notions of enlightenment? Hindus and Buddhists speak of the notion of enlightenment, awakening to one’s divine essence, the kingdom of heaven within. Western scientists perform studies, revealing varying degrees of coherence in human brain waves, human consciousness. Though these perspectives may interpret the process differently, it’s interesting for us to hypothesize that the Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and scientific perspectives may all be referring to the same process of awakening. Namely that as human consciousness refines, an integration occurs between the deepest level of existence (Consciousness) with the quantum mechanical, psychological, and physiological levels of life.

Human beings would then have the potential to, on all levels of life, function in a manner in harmony with the source of all existence. Some Christians might refer to that as awakening to the kingdom of heaven within or functioning in harmony with God’s will. Hindus and Buddhists may refer to it as enlightenment. And scientists may theorize it to be a level of coherence in brainwave physiological function.

These scientific studies and diverse spiritual perspectives are certainly open to interpretation. Emotions certainly run high with respect to the full range of perspectives from atheism to literal religious perspectives. By taking a step back and seeing the commonality amongst all these perspectives, our understanding of each perspective can be enhanced and refined. Since the beginnings of recorded history, humanity has striven to put all the pieces of the puzzle of life together into a holistic unified understanding. With the advances we’ve made in so many diverse fields of life, we may now stand on the threshold of attaining that goal. It is inspiring to imagine that human beings have the potential to bring together all facets of life (scientific, spiritual, biological) in a mutually supportive, complementary, and unified way.