What is Karma?
by Michael Mamas

When you experience a setback,
never think your evolution has gone backward.

Understand, karma has been delivered.
By moving through it, you move beyond it

This world of relativity was born out of the Transcendent. Modern physicists look at that as the Big Bang theory. Really, the Big Bang theory is going on perpetually. In the final analysis, the only thing that exists is the unified field. Nowadays, many modern physicists are starting to recognize the unified field is a field of pure consciousness.

When consciousness became conscious of itself, it perceived itself as other. In that moment, duality was born. Consciousness became aware of that duality, a third thing was born, and it cascaded out into a structure. That structure is called, “the quantum mechanical realm,” from the perspective of modern physics, and “the Veda,” from the perspective of the ancient seers. That structure is alluring. It is dazzling. It is a-mazing. It interacts with itself. We see patterns in it and we can even lose our sense of self to those patterns, to those structures—it bubbles.

The tendency for that structure to move, the power of its motion, the power of its allure, is called, “shakti.” Shakti is there because of the force of maya. Maya is the illusion there is such a thing as “other.” They would say Shiva is the Transcendent itself and shakti is the power of the Transcendent to manifest. It is like the male and female principles.

We become lost to the dazzle to the point we lose the sense of wholeness. When the dazzle becomes so alluring that our appreciation of the wholeness value becomes fragmented, simplified, and undermined, then actions cease to be in accord with that wholeness, the totality of harmony. When this happens, karma is created, distortion, action. Karma is action. So, when we think of karma, we are really thinking of the fruits of action, the result of action: our negative karma or our good karma. Nevertheless, they are the fruits of action. Action takes place in relativity largely by virtue of the dazzle and the allure of the illusion.

When we meditate, we re-enliven that wholeness value in our awareness. It permeates up through our being, and any distortions are then purified out and thrown off. So, our actions become more in harmony with the wholeness value, or they say, in harmony with natural law.

From within the dynamic of relativity, it is tough to find your way out of the maze. We see all kinds of patterns, all kinds of rationales, all kinds of rationale-izations. And they can be consistent with some facets of nature. They are all realities. There are an infinite number of simultaneously valid realities.

As a species, the way we try to evolve is we attempt to find a reality we can align with that will answer our questions or make life better. We do it in the arena of personal development; psychology; science, physics, and engineering; but it is all fragmented. It comes from the amazement of some facet or quality of the maze. However, it is not in context. We have lost sight of the wholeness value.

Even though we can make advancements with that reality, it further fragments us. It keeps us fragmented. But it is an echo of that wholeness value. There is truth to it. It is a reality. So we go in that direction. It is self-justifying because it is a truth, it is a reality, and we dedicate ourselves to it. We can make certain advancements. We create electric lights or we do personal process techniques that seem to improve our life in some way, shape, or form, but really it is another dangling carrot. It is another mirage. It is another cog in the Wheel of Karma that goes from identity to identity to identity to identity. Do you see how tricky it is? It is very tricky.

Meditation is where you rest into the wholeness value so that value can permeate up through your life and free you. That is why they call it spiritual liberation. It is really more about liberation than grabbing onto anything or attaining anything. It is liberating your being from those identities, even those things you thought were truth, those things you worked so hard to learn.

At some point, you realize truth is not a concretion. It is not something you can hang onto. It is not a notion; it is not a belief system; it is not an identity. It is no-thing-ness. Pure is-ness. Pure consciousness. The abstraction that dwells at the depth of your being. That is God. That is divine. But it can’t be grabbed onto. If you try to grab onto it, it slips through your fingers. To name it is to compromise it. It is beyond thing-ness…

Emancipation from limitation
reveals your God to you.

Conditioned conscience is karma.
Emancipated conscience is
God’s whispers of your dharma.

Yet, the latter is attained
through the portal of the former…
Just as the swan filters the milk from the water.

You must start where you are.
Life is all about having a healthy relationship with…
Evolution is the path of paradox

© Michael Mamas, 1/12