Everything gravitates back to Oneness, infinite positivity. This is the way of nature; the way of life; the way of existence. Everything moves in the direction of harmony, just as every drop of rain gravitates back to the ocean.

Yet like a stagecoach rushing along the path back home, dust is naturally raised up as life progresses along the trail. Negativity is like the dust. To view life negatively is to focus on the dust and not see the positive path of the stagecoach. Our world today is so focused on the dust that it is the only thing most people see. The dust gets all the attention, all the news. The dust, negativity, is considered the truth.

Those who focus on the dust are considered the realists, the smart ones. Those that focus on the stagecoach are considered naive dreamers or charlatans with ulterior and selfish motives. Everyone longs for nobility, goodness, and positivity, but few trust it, even when they see it. For example, look what they did to Jesus. The story of his life is one of his great teachings about the way of the world, the way people see negativity everywhere they look.

Stay focused on the goal, the big picture, the nature of life. Life moves in a positive direction, in the direction of home, of infinite positivity, harmony, and Oneness. Everything gravitates back to Oneness. Nothing is understood unless it is understood in this context. Some are so lost to the dust, so confused, that they do not see their own true nature, nor do they see the true nature of others, of life. Positive, positive, always positive… That is the underlying current of life.

The path home is simply the way of nature. It is the physics of existence. Or stated spiritually, all paths lead to God.

Positivity and Negativity