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How Your 'Dark Night Of The Soul' Can Make You Stronger, by Michael Mamas“How Your ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ Can Make You Stronger”
Sooner or later, almost every one of us hits a wall. Our life stops working for us. It’s a time of great despair. Perhaps we had fulfilled our dream: a nice house, great spouse, two cars in the garage, kids, and a family pet. But then it happens. One day, after we attain our dream, we sit down, look around the house, and realize we’re not happy. We’re not really fulfilled. We realize there must be more to life and something critical is missing…
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Does Spirituality in the Workplace Need to Be Visible?, by Michael Mamas“Does Spirituality in the Workplace Need to Be Visible?”
For deeply spiritual employees, it may seem desirable for the workplace to be shared with like-minded people. Or to others, it might be important to work in an open-minded workplace where individuals can practice their religious traditions without judgment. Working in such environments is all well and good, but what if you don’t? What if other people in your workplace judge religions other than their own or are perhaps atheists? At first glance, that may seem to be a problem, but is it really?…
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How to Prevent Petty Conflicts and Nasty Rumors From Destroying Your Startup, by Michael Mamas“How to Prevent Petty Conflicts and Nasty Rumors From Destroying Your Startup”
I have a long-time friend who was part of a software startup company in Silicon Valley. He said that even though the idea and logistics of the organization were truly fantastic, the whole thing fell apart. When I asked him why, he said what destroyed the organization started out as petty conflicts from within. Those conflicts resulted in false rumors, which broke down the foundation of the organization…
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