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Beyond Cultural Tolerance: Towards A World Of Appreciation, by Michael Mamas“Beyond Cultural Tolerance: Towards A World Of Appreciation”
It’s common and natural that other cultures feel foreign to us. We can find them fascinating, but at the same time alienating. Our cultural appreciation then has a component of tolerance to it. Some may even feel that to be an open-minded global citizen is to be fascinated while tolerant. But tolerance has too much judgment. It’s as if you’re putting up with things you find weird or inappropriate, while considering yourself open-minded… Read more.

How to Purify the Global Vibration, by Michael Mamas“How to Purify the Global Vibration”
“Akash” is an ancient Sanskrit term that means space or atmosphere. It is considered the finest level of existence. It is like a canvas upon which all of creation is painted. You can feel into the Akash by ringing a bell and allowing the sound to dissipate out into silence. That silence contains within it a feeling. What you are feeling is the Akash in an undisturbed state. The quality of the Akash has a profound effect on the health of all the plants and animals… Read more.

Spinal Cord Tension: It's More Central to Health than You Might Think, by Michael Mamas“Spinal Cord Tension: It’s More Central to Health than You Might Think”
As a retired veterinarian and healing arts practitioner with over 45 years of experience, I was certainly familiar with the concept of “spinal cord tension” when my chiropractor friend mentioned it. However, in that moment, the term struck me in a new way. My extensive research in the fields of traditional allopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranial-sacral, and energy healing inspired this article… Read more.

Follow-up Is the Secret to Effective Delegation, by Michael Mamas“Follow-up Is the Secret to Effective Delegation”
Strong leadership isn’t just about delegating tasks; it is also about following up on those tasks and making sure they are done to your standards. People on my team sometimes feel like I ride them until things get done. However, I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t, things all too often get pushed aside. You have to keep reminding, checking and rechecking until you know things have been done the way you want… Read more.

Articles Published this Past Week

The Huffington Post

Forgive and Don’t Forget: How to Move on Wisely, by Michael Mamas“Forgive and Don’t Forget: How to Move on Wisely”
For a number of years, I had a holistic healing practice. During that time, a woman came to me looking for help to get over the emotional damage from abuse that had happened many years before. She told me that she had been working with counselors for a long time, trying to get over and forget about the trauma she incurred. Many of her therapists would have her relive the abuse in her mind, encouraging her to feel into it so that she could work through it. Even though she had relived it over and over again in therapy, it was still horribly traumatic every time she did so…
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Evolving Our Generation's Mentality, by Michael Mamas“Evolving Our Generation’s Mentality”
I find it fascinating to look back at generational shifts and see the resulting societal changes, particularly in the United States. Even more interesting is how they explain where American society is today. For example, during the post-World War II era, parents who lived through the Depression and the war wanted a better life for their children (now known as the Baby Boomer generation). At the same time, the idealized notion of a little house with a white picket fence, a dog, a cat, and a car in the driveway became accessible to many Americans. This became the foundation for creating an ‘ideal life’ for their children…
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Evolving Our Generation's Mentality, by Michael Mamas“The Transformative Power of Qigong”
We have been working with a Chinese Qigong master who practices the healing arts. As a result, I wanted to share some of what we have learned.

Firstly, let’s look at connective tissue or sinew.

If you look up the word sinew in the dictionary, it’s definition is closely linked to tendon. The dictionary indicates that this word is not used much anymore. However, I believe that the way the word was originally used describes the meaning that I want to convey, so I will use it in this article…
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The Most Important Thirty Minutes in Your Day

Most Important 30 Minutes in Your Day - Michael MamasI just published a new article on LinkedIn. It begins:

“Andre Agassi once got some bad publicity for saying, ‘Image is everything.’ In the business world, while image is not everything, it certainly counts for a lot. And, a big part of image is self-image. Interestingly, the state of one’s physical body is one determinant of self-image. Not only how well your body functions, but also how comfortable you feel in your body. One way to achieve that balance in your body is through exercise. It’s been said that if you could put the benefits of exercise into a pill, it would be the most prescribed medication on the planet. The benefits are without limit: health, self-image, clarity of mind, stress release, psychological well-being, etc…”

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“The Most Important Thirty Minutes in Your Business Day”


PhytochemicalsI’ve studied nutrition on and off through the years and got to the point where I felt I pretty much understood protein and fats, but there was something about carbohydrates that I didn’t understand. I believe now the key to that understanding is phytochemicals – a relatively new field of interest.

Evidently, there are tens of thousands of phytochemicals, most of which are still not understood. Phytochemicals seem to be a major reason why fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are good for us. They influence the way to process our food, everything from stabilizing blood sugar to preventing a myriad of different diseases.

If you are interested in learning about phytochemicals, just Google it. There is a ton of information out there.

Vegan? Really?

Vegan Meal prepared by Michael MamasI have recently been pouring through a vast number of studies regarding the vegan diet. A few months of enjoying the diet has been most compelling. Strictly speaking I am not totally vegan since I will still, for example, ingest some honey once in a while. My diet consists primarily of plant based foods, no dairy, and no wheat. My journey began with a book, 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse by JJ Smth, and lead to Dr Greger’s website,

Most of Dr. Greger’s videos on his website are only two or three minutes long and flipping through his alphabetized index on the homepage to find topics of interest has become an enjoyable and fascinating adventure. Doing the cleanse for 10 remarkable days and then continuing with an essentially vegan meal plan has been wonderful. If interested, you may want to watch the videos and give it a try.

As with most anything, the more you learn about it, the better, so please do your research if you are interested. Personally, I do not want to turn a diet plan into a religion so I am a tad flexible with the diet and am certain I have not had my last ice cream cone!


I understand that supplementing the meal plan with vitamins K2, D, and B12 is recommended for those who are strict with the life style.