Managers: How to Stay Focused on the Big Picture

How to Stay Focused on the Big Picture - Michael MamasAlbert Einstein said that you don’t really understand anything unless you can explain it to your grandmother. A very successful engineer with multiple patents had a motto: “Keep it simple stupid.” Ancient sages said that to really know something is to know it in seed form, just as all knowledge of a tree is contained in the seed. A good manager knows his business that well…

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New Articles Published – August 8, 2017

The Huffington Post

How Your 'Dark Night Of The Soul' Can Make You Stronger, by Michael Mamas“How Your ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ Can Make You Stronger”
Sooner or later, almost every one of us hits a wall. Our life stops working for us. It’s a time of great despair. Perhaps we had fulfilled our dream: a nice house, great spouse, two cars in the garage, kids, and a family pet. But then it happens. One day, after we attain our dream, we sit down, look around the house, and realize we’re not happy. We’re not really fulfilled. We realize there must be more to life and something critical is missing…
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Does Spirituality in the Workplace Need to Be Visible?, by Michael Mamas“Does Spirituality in the Workplace Need to Be Visible?”
For deeply spiritual employees, it may seem desirable for the workplace to be shared with like-minded people. Or to others, it might be important to work in an open-minded workplace where individuals can practice their religious traditions without judgment. Working in such environments is all well and good, but what if you don’t? What if other people in your workplace judge religions other than their own or are perhaps atheists? At first glance, that may seem to be a problem, but is it really?…
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How to Prevent Petty Conflicts and Nasty Rumors From Destroying Your Startup, by Michael Mamas“How to Prevent Petty Conflicts and Nasty Rumors From Destroying Your Startup”
I have a long-time friend who was part of a software startup company in Silicon Valley. He said that even though the idea and logistics of the organization were truly fantastic, the whole thing fell apart. When I asked him why, he said what destroyed the organization started out as petty conflicts from within. Those conflicts resulted in false rumors, which broke down the foundation of the organization…
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New Articles Published

The World Is 99.9% Perspective… but That 0.1% Is Key, by Michael MamasThe Huffington Post

“The World Is 99.9% Perspective… but That 0.1% Is Key”
99.9% of this world we live in is perspective. It’s just opinion. It’s a viewpoint to which people cling to as valid. We base our lives upon these perspectives. They define our science, our religion, and our moral values. Yet, as Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Reality is not concrete. It is paradoxical, undefinable, and ungraspable…
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Conflict Resolution: When Letting Go Is Key, by Michael MamasLinkedIn

“Conflict Resolution: When Letting Go Is Key”
Inevitably, in business and in our personal life, we will all say things that hurt or offend other people. We will say things that don’t clearly articulate what we really mean. We will say foolish things. We will be incorrect from time to time. Others will also do all these same things to us. All these circumstances boil down to poor communication, lack of communion, and a loss of harmony amongst people. Yet, all these interactions are a superficial aspect of life. Down deep, we all want harmony. We all want peace. We all want to feel our communion with others, with humanity, and with all of life…
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Two New Articles Published Today

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Just How Blind Is Justice?, by Michael Mamas“‘Just How Blind Is Justice?”
The conventional interpretation of “Justice is blind” is that the legal system is impartial. But there is another interpretation that, to me, is far more significant. A brief survey of the human condition illustrates this deeper meaning…
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Communication Tip: It's All In Your Tone, by Michael Mamas“Communication Tip: It’s All In Your Tone”
I remember when I was little, my mom told me you can say almost anything if you say it properly. Through the years, I’ve come to realize how right she was. We think we communicate with words, but even more so, we communicate with tone…
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Four New Articles Published

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Beyond Cultural Tolerance: Towards A World Of Appreciation, by Michael Mamas“Beyond Cultural Tolerance: Towards A World Of Appreciation”
It’s common and natural that other cultures feel foreign to us. We can find them fascinating, but at the same time alienating. Our cultural appreciation then has a component of tolerance to it. Some may even feel that to be an open-minded global citizen is to be fascinated while tolerant. But tolerance has too much judgment. It’s as if you’re putting up with things you find weird or inappropriate, while considering yourself open-minded… Read more.

How to Purify the Global Vibration, by Michael Mamas“How to Purify the Global Vibration”
“Akash” is an ancient Sanskrit term that means space or atmosphere. It is considered the finest level of existence. It is like a canvas upon which all of creation is painted. You can feel into the Akash by ringing a bell and allowing the sound to dissipate out into silence. That silence contains within it a feeling. What you are feeling is the Akash in an undisturbed state. The quality of the Akash has a profound effect on the health of all the plants and animals… Read more.

Spinal Cord Tension: It's More Central to Health than You Might Think, by Michael Mamas“Spinal Cord Tension: It’s More Central to Health than You Might Think”
As a retired veterinarian and healing arts practitioner with over 45 years of experience, I was certainly familiar with the concept of “spinal cord tension” when my chiropractor friend mentioned it. However, in that moment, the term struck me in a new way. My extensive research in the fields of traditional allopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranial-sacral, and energy healing inspired this article… Read more.

Follow-up Is the Secret to Effective Delegation, by Michael Mamas“Follow-up Is the Secret to Effective Delegation”
Strong leadership isn’t just about delegating tasks; it is also about following up on those tasks and making sure they are done to your standards. People on my team sometimes feel like I ride them until things get done. However, I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t, things all too often get pushed aside. You have to keep reminding, checking and rechecking until you know things have been done the way you want… Read more.

Newly Published Articles

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'I Love You, I Hate You' – How to Leave the Pendulum Behind, by Michael Mamas“‘I Love You, I Hate You’ – How to Leave the Pendulum Behind”
In modern psychotherapy, there is a concept called positive transference, which is the projection of positive or idealized attributes onto another person. Oftentimes, our personal relationships are based upon positive transference. Infatuation with a new dating partner is often founded upon this idealized state. It’s not uncommon for positive transference to create a relationship that even leads to marriage… Read more.


Use this Ancient Technique to Find Inspired Solutions, by Michael Mamas“Use this Ancient Technique to Find Inspired Solutions”
We’ve all been there many times before: Our brains spin around in endless circles as we try to figure something out, solve a problem, or make a decision. We make lists of pros and cons, consult with our team members, consultants and friends, and strive to find a logical solution or something that just feels right. But the more we work with it, the more entangled the knot becomes. In ancient times, there was a famous Seer named Jaimini. He offered an approach to problem solving that is as profound and unique as it is simple and effective. It consists of four natural steps… Read more.

Respect: The Cornerstone of Success, by Michael Mamas“Respect: The Cornerstone of Success”
Respect is your most powerful tool in business, as in all of life. If people don’t respect you, you’re pretty much done. That holds true if you’re a boss, an employee or a freelancer. If you make a mistake, but people respect you, they will be understanding. But the converse is also true: If you make a mistake and they do not respect you, they will use it as further validation of their disrespect. So, what are the ingredients of respect? How do you gain another person’s respect? And perhaps even more importantly, how do you lose people’s respect?… Read more.