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Beyond Cultural Tolerance: Towards A World Of Appreciation, by Michael Mamas“Beyond Cultural Tolerance: Towards A World Of Appreciation”
It’s common and natural that other cultures feel foreign to us. We can find them fascinating, but at the same time alienating. Our cultural appreciation then has a component of tolerance to it. Some may even feel that to be an open-minded global citizen is to be fascinated while tolerant. But tolerance has too much judgment. It’s as if you’re putting up with things you find weird or inappropriate, while considering yourself open-minded… Read more.

How to Purify the Global Vibration, by Michael Mamas“How to Purify the Global Vibration”
“Akash” is an ancient Sanskrit term that means space or atmosphere. It is considered the finest level of existence. It is like a canvas upon which all of creation is painted. You can feel into the Akash by ringing a bell and allowing the sound to dissipate out into silence. That silence contains within it a feeling. What you are feeling is the Akash in an undisturbed state. The quality of the Akash has a profound effect on the health of all the plants and animals… Read more.

Spinal Cord Tension: It's More Central to Health than You Might Think, by Michael Mamas“Spinal Cord Tension: It’s More Central to Health than You Might Think”
As a retired veterinarian and healing arts practitioner with over 45 years of experience, I was certainly familiar with the concept of “spinal cord tension” when my chiropractor friend mentioned it. However, in that moment, the term struck me in a new way. My extensive research in the fields of traditional allopathic medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranial-sacral, and energy healing inspired this article… Read more.

Follow-up Is the Secret to Effective Delegation, by Michael Mamas“Follow-up Is the Secret to Effective Delegation”
Strong leadership isn’t just about delegating tasks; it is also about following up on those tasks and making sure they are done to your standards. People on my team sometimes feel like I ride them until things get done. However, I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t, things all too often get pushed aside. You have to keep reminding, checking and rechecking until you know things have been done the way you want… Read more.

Common Meditation Questions Answered

The following questions (edited for confidentiality, etc.) along with my responses are posted here to answer many common questions. Some of the questions are from Advanced Technique practitioners.

Question 1: I have never felt that I transcend on the Mantra or the Sutras. Perhaps I do transcend on them, but not with the feeling I associate with transcending. Would you please comment?

Response 1: Transcending is a matter of degree. Everyone transcends to some degree when they meditate. However, you only fully transcend once, at the time commonly referred to a Cosmic Consciousness (CC), which then becomes a permanent state, a permanent level of consciousness attained. CC is further refined over time which is referred to as “higher states of consciousness”. It is similar to turning the lights on in a dark room. Once the lights are on, they are on. But it takes time for the eyes to adjust.

Preconceived notions of transcending can get in your way if you allow them to. Meditation is so natural that it, well… it just feels natural!

Question 2: The Advanced Techniques, on the other hand, I love because I feel myself transcending effortlessly on them. Will you comment on this?

Response 2: The Advanced Techniques are more powerful techniques. However, they only work because you have been transcending with the meditation. With the meditation, you established the habit of transcending. Now you ride that wave when practicing the Advanced Techniques. Doing the Advanced Techniques without first establishing the habit of transcending would not be effective. Consider your experiences with the Advanced Techniques to be confirmation that you have been transcending all along!

Question 3: Since the Advanced Techniques are supposed to be followed by the Sutras, I keep an eye on the time and then start those, but often I don’t feel like doing them. Is it okay to skip the Sutras? Is there still value in doing the Sutras and should I lean in the direction of doing them?

Response 3: It is all right, especially at first, to spend more time with the Advanced Techniques and less with the Sutras. It could even be that the Advanced Techniques are so enjoyable that you initially have meditations when you only do the Advanced Techniques. However, the Sutras are precious and as the benefit of the Advanced Techniques is enjoyed, returning to the Sutras will be a natural desire and become highly intriguing.

The Sutras are extremely valuable and it is wise to practice them regularly. With the Sutras, it is as if we enter the Transcendent, then move around in it a bit, and then that value wells up through the physiology. With the Advanced Techniques, we enter into the Transcendent in a manner the integrates the depth with the surface more directly. Both have great value and one enhances the other.

Question 4: I cannot make it to the summer course to learn the Advanced Techniques. When will there be another opportunity to learn them?

Response 4: It is everyone’s experience that meditating in a group is more powerful than meditating alone. This is simply the dynamics of group consciousness. The group consciousness carries the consciousness of every individual in the group to the Transcendent. Ten people meditating together is 100 times more powerful than one person meditating alone. That is the common experience. As mentioned earlier, the Advanced Techniques are based upon the habit of transcending. To ensure that they are learned properly, it is then wise to learn them in a group when the process of transcending is so much more powerful.

We will no doubt offer Phase 1 of the Advanced Techniques series again, but it is not certain when – perhaps this winter. To be in this first group over the next few summers will be an invaluable experience. Please do your best to attend this summer. If you cannot, then watch for the next opportunity, hopefully this year, so you can join the group in the summer of the 2018 Phase 2 course. The first group will, no doubt, be the largest and therefore the most powerful group.

Advanced Techniques 4

Questions have come in regarding the Advanced Techniques. I hope to answer them here. With the Surya Ram Meditation, we dive into the Transcendent. As we become more and more familiar with the Transcendent, we move in the direction of what is called Cosmic Consciousness. Along the way to Cosmic Consciousness, the awareness naturally begins to gravitate in that direction and rest there. It is as if we discover the true home of our Selves.

However, there is a great deal more to human evolution and things get increasingly grand as we continue to evolve. In time, it becomes our direct experience that everything is the Transcendent. “I am that. Thou art that. All of this is nothing but that.” The Advanced Techniques naturally move our awareness in that direction.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras begin with the Sutras (“threads”) that weave together the tapestry of the deepest level of existence. The Advanced Techniques, in contrast, start with the physical world, and allow you to experience that level of existence as the Transcendent and, over time, expand out to ever deepening, expanding, and subtler levels of existence. It is as if the Sutras start at one end of the spectrum of existence and the Advance Techniques start at the other. Over time, you come to experience your physical body, energetic body, spheres of existence, etc. as all being the Transcendent… all contained within you… all one with you. Aspects of the psyche and physiology begin to resonate with a more refined level, a higher octave. In so doing, the structure of existence is discovered and explored. Daily life, your psyche, and your individual body become the field of evolution. Your own awareness becomes a research laboratory of the universe, as your physical body and all aspects of your being take on their rightful place in the scheme of existence. As other-worldish as that may sound, the experience in daily life is exactly the opposite. The Advanced Techniques enable us to integrate and function in our worldly lives with more comfort and proficiency.

To be completely candid, I wish I had learned the Advanced Techniques decades ago. They would have helped me assimilate with daily life in the physical world more seamlessly. Leaving the ashram decades ago, I was absorbed in the Transcendent. Assimilation with the ways of the world took time. These techniques would have helped greatly. But I was never taught them. I found them within myself and only then discovered the truth of them within the Vedic literature. It was admittedly an awkward path. The integration of the Transcendental level with daily life took a great deal of time.

However, I believe there was a greater purpose in that. I believe that these techniques can best and perhaps only be taught to another when one has found them within one’s Self. In that way, all the possible paths to discovery and experience have been explored and understood. This enables one to teach them not as an overlay, but as a cultivation within each and every individual. In so doing, the path of integration of the Transcendent with daily life is expedited. It has been said that Cosmic Consciousness is, in some ways, an awkward phase. I guess that is true. But these techniques offer everyone the tools to, as if, skip over that awkwardness and quickly attain the integration of life.

Advanced Techniques - Michael Mamas

Panditji on the Advanced Techniques

Pandit Prasad returned home to Mount Soma last week from his regular visit to India. We were so happy to see each other! I told him about the Advanced Techniques and what I have planned for all three phases. He was thrilled! Where they lead is truly incredible. Not only are the techniques profoundly evolutionary, but they are also fun to do. Ever felt like you should meditate, but just didn’t feel like it? People report that the Advanced Techniques change all of that. They report that now they look forward to, and are even excited to, meditate. As Dave put it, “The Advanced Techniques are a game changer!”

We at Mount Soma are very much looking forward to this summer’s Advanced Technique Course. We hope to see you there!

Mount Soma Sunrise from Visitor Center

Advanced Techniques 3

Blue Ridge  SunriseWhen Tat Wale Baba, a great saint of India, was asked why the universe manifested, he responded by saying, “It didn’t.” Everything is the Transcendent. All the worlds, planes of existence, Rishis, Gods… everything dwells within the Transcendent. The Advanced Techniques give the tools to explore everything that lies within the Transcendent… within you. This is where the adventure begins.

From one perspective, the Transcendent is flat… pure No-thing-ness. But just as nothing appears within the camera lens, everything is accessible through it. The lens is the portal to everything. Now is the time to start directly cultivating a life of Unity Consciousness. Now is the time to begin to look through the Cosmic Portal of the Transcendent. Now is when we have the opportunity for our meditations to start becoming really fascinating and, to say the least, FUN!!

Soon the application, registration information, and forms will be coming out for this summer’s Advanced Techniques Course. Please keep your schedule open July 6-13. Summer Retreat will immediately follow (July 14-21). I believe this is something everyone will want to attend.

Meditation is designed to awaken the awareness and physiology to the Transcendent. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras more fully bring out the qualities and potential of the Transcendent. The Advanced Techniques actually explore the structure of, and worlds within, the Transcendent. I hope you can join us for this grand adventure!

Advanced Techniques 2

I’m extremely excited that it is time now to start teaching the advanced techniques! When you build a house, the first thing that happens is the construction of a foundation. All through these years, our meditation practices have cultivated that foundation. Now we’re ready to start building the house. And though the foundation is Absolutely necessary, the house is what we enjoy.

With these advanced techniques, the program becomes delightful and fascinating. All the different levels of existence (Lokas) become accessible as the entire fabric of the universe integrates with your physiology on all levels of your being. To say this is one thing; but to experience it is quite another.

These techniques came about as the result of my own personal experience. I found them within myself. Intrigued by my experience, I consulted with Pandits and Vedic literature. I was very fortunate to first have the experience before I took a look at the literature because the translation of the literature is so limited. The translator’s understanding is rarely by virtue of their own direct experience, but simply an attempt to figure out what the literature was trying to say. Trying to emulate an inaccurate interpretation is, to say the least, unnatural and ineffective. It brings to mind the ‘taste of a strawberry’ analogy. No matter how much you study what strawberries taste like, the only way to know is to bite into a strawberry and have the experience for yourself. Because I spontaneously experienced these techniques for myself, I can teach them to you correctly. There is no attempt at interpretation. Rather, the literature was confirmation/validation of what I had already experienced.

Initially, the advanced techniques will be taught to the ashram people. Their experiences will determine how quickly I can roll out the techniques. Depending upon that, it could require six months or a couple of years or more. The plan is to offer an Advanced Technique Course this summer. Details will be sent soon in an email update. Please make a note of it, leave your calendar open, and do your meditation program regularly, for there will be prerequisites.

This is what we have all been waiting for! This summer, we will offer the first phase and based upon how things go with the ashram people, we will determine how many phases will be required to give the complete set of techniques I’m now planning to share. The techniques I can offer are unlimited, just as in a pharmacy, there seem to be an unlimited number of medications. I have and will continue to offer those techniques that will most rapidly facilitate your evolution.

See you this summer!!

Mount Soma Mountains