inding Stability and Strength in Vulnerability, by Michael MamasThe Huffington Post

“Finding Stability and Strength in Vulnerability”
When feeling hurt (offended, contradicted, diminished, fearful, or otherwise imposed upon), a common tendency is to respond and defend with anger (or perhaps hysteria, rage, withdrawal, or collapse). It is very difficult for most of us to speak from the deeper place within us that is actually feeling the hurt…
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Healing the Schism between Religion and Science, by Michael

“Healing the Schism between Religion and Science”
For better or worse, it’s an epidemic: people are turning their backs on religion. Religious leaders are at a loss as to what to do about it. They may try to water down their teachings to make them more palatable, compromise their moral positions, or introduce non-traditional music into the church. One thing is for sure: they just don’t get what the problem is. It seems they are unable to respond to the underlying reason people are walking away. The fundamental problem is that religion, as it is understood today, is incompatible with the analytical and rational mentality that has become dominant in these modern times. It just does not make sense…
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