Thoughts, Feeling, Wisdom - Michael MamasThe Huffington Post just published one of my latest articles. It begins:

“Einstein had a feeling. He sensed that all things were interconnected. It felt to him they were all coming from the same place. As he reflected upon this further, it made more and more sense to him. It became reasonable. Reason is that level of awareness that has one foot in abstract feeling and the other in concrete thought. Our ability to reason bridges our wise inner feelings with clear substantive thought. Einstein felt, then reasoned, then thought: How could all the laws of physics be brought together into perfect concert with one another? He reasoned that the only way this could be, is if they were all emerging from the same one thing. Finally, he articulated it as a concrete thought: there must be one thing that is the source of all things”…

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“What Really Drives Your Life? Thoughts, Feeling… Or Wisdom?”