I’m extremely excited that it is time now to start teaching the advanced techniques! When you build a house, the first thing that happens is the construction of a foundation. All through these years, our meditation practices have cultivated that foundation. Now we’re ready to start building the house. And though the foundation is Absolutely necessary, the house is what we enjoy.

With these advanced techniques, the program becomes delightful and fascinating. All the different levels of existence (Lokas) become accessible as the entire fabric of the universe integrates with your physiology on all levels of your being. To say this is one thing; but to experience it is quite another.

These techniques came about as the result of my own personal experience. I found them within myself. Intrigued by my experience, I consulted with Pandits and Vedic literature. I was very fortunate to first have the experience before I took a look at the literature because the translation of the literature is so limited. The translator’s understanding is rarely by virtue of their own direct experience, but simply an attempt to figure out what the literature was trying to say. Trying to emulate an inaccurate interpretation is, to say the least, unnatural and ineffective. It brings to mind the ‘taste of a strawberry’ analogy. No matter how much you study what strawberries taste like, the only way to know is to bite into a strawberry and have the experience for yourself. Because I spontaneously experienced these techniques for myself, I can teach them to you correctly. There is no attempt at interpretation. Rather, the literature was confirmation/validation of what I had already experienced.

Initially, the advanced techniques will be taught to the ashram people. Their experiences will determine how quickly I can roll out the techniques. Depending upon that, it could require six months or a couple of years or more. The plan is to offer an Advanced Technique Course this summer. Details will be sent soon in an email update. Please make a note of it, leave your calendar open, and do your meditation program regularly, for there will be prerequisites.

This is what we have all been waiting for! This summer, we will offer the first phase and based upon how things go with the ashram people, we will determine how many phases will be required to give the complete set of techniques I’m now planning to share. The techniques I can offer are unlimited, just as in a pharmacy, there seem to be an unlimited number of medications. I have and will continue to offer those techniques that will most rapidly facilitate your evolution.

See you this summer!!

Mount Soma Mountains