Blue Ridge  SunriseWhen Tat Wale Baba, a great saint of India, was asked why the universe manifested, he responded by saying, “It didn’t.” Everything is the Transcendent. All the worlds, planes of existence, Rishis, Gods… everything dwells within the Transcendent. The Advanced Techniques give the tools to explore everything that lies within the Transcendent… within you. This is where the adventure begins.

From one perspective, the Transcendent is flat… pure No-thing-ness. But just as nothing appears within the camera lens, everything is accessible through it. The lens is the portal to everything. Now is the time to start directly cultivating a life of Unity Consciousness. Now is the time to begin to look through the Cosmic Portal of the Transcendent. Now is when we have the opportunity for our meditations to start becoming really fascinating and, to say the least, FUN!!

Soon the application, registration information, and forms will be coming out for this summer’s Advanced Techniques Course. Please keep your schedule open July 6-13. Summer Retreat will immediately follow (July 14-21). I believe this is something everyone will want to attend.

Meditation is designed to awaken the awareness and physiology to the Transcendent. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras more fully bring out the qualities and potential of the Transcendent. The Advanced Techniques actually explore the structure of, and worlds within, the Transcendent. I hope you can join us for this grand adventure!