Health Relationship with Guidance - Michael just published one of my latest articles. It begins:

“We’ve all been there: hearing or reading about the latest popular diet (Paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, the list goes on and on) that claims to know just what, when, and how we should eat. At some point, I just feel like rebelling and eating whatever I want.

“Or perhaps it’s the latest self-help program, full of guidelines for affirmations, prescribed thought, behavior patterns, and so on. These self-help ‘experts’ seem to say, “This is how I live my life, and if you want to be self-improved, you should do this too.” These days, it seems like almost everybody is a coach, telling me how to live my life. I feel like they want to put me in a box just to remind me that I will never measure up and that I am not okay. Enough is enough, and too much has become way too much!”…

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“‘Are You Telling Me I’m Not Okay?’ – How To Maintain A Healthy Relationship With Guidance”
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