Bruce LeeBruce Lee was clearly influenced by deep spiritual knowledge. His genius was in his ability to apply that understanding to his personal life, his personal interests, and his individual path. Within us lies the infinite unboundedness of our own true Nature. That place which is one with all of Nature. The Home, the source of all Knowledge and all that is. To be ignorant is to ignore one’s own true Nature and instead lose ourselves to limitation… to echoes of Truth perceived as Truth. Limitation is identity with those echoes to which we faithfully, devotedly, and passionately adhere. We call those echoes our belief systems, our faith, our truth, our philosophy, our love, our religion. Our freedom, our genius, our grandeur, our wisdom, our true nature… that is what we shroud with our devotion to such limitation. But we do not view our limitations as limitations. We view our limitations as our own self, our own freedom, genius, wisdom, love, truth, street smarts… call it what you will.

Spiritual liberation means liberation from such limitations. Yet we are not speaking of anarchy here. A true teacher assists us along the path to free us from that path. The bits of information and life experiences thusly provided are merely sign posts along the way. Ultimately, the Veda is not words, life experiences, information, facts or principles. Ultimately, the Veda is the infinite, unbounded nature of all life and existence that we find deep within ourselves… beyond all thought, all belief systems, faiths, philosophies, all we cling to in the name of Truth. That which can be grasped is not Truth. Truth can not be grasped. Truth can only be lived.

As Bruce Lee puts it:

“Learning is discovery, the discovery of the cause of our ignorance. However, the best way of learning is not the computation of information. Learning is discovering, uncovering what is there in us. When we discover, we are uncovering our own ability, our own eyes, in order to find our potential, to see what is going on, to discover how we can enlarge our lives, to find means at our disposal that will let us cope with a difficult situation.”

“We do not have to “gain” freedom because freedom has always been with us and is not something to be gained in the end through strict and faithful adherence to some definite formulas. Formulas can only inhibit freedom and preformations only squelch creativity and impose mediocrity.”

“Learning is definitely not mere imitation or the ability to accumulate and conform to fixed knowledge.”