The Innocence of a ChildYears ago I was told a story about a child that asked his parents if he could be alone with his newly born sibling. The parents overheard via the baby monitor the child say to the baby, “I want you to remind me about God, I am starting to forget.”

Deep inside, that innocence remains within us all. It is only buried under our conditioning, our programming, our indoctrinations. Innocence is neither ignorance nor oblivion. It is spontaneously living in harmony with our own true nature, with Mother Nature, with all of Nature, with our inner Divinity. It is still there within us all, even as adults, yet we tend to bury it beneath our adaptation to the world as we have come to know it.

Another nice quote from Dr. Matt’s office wall:

“The face of a child says it all. Especially the mouth part of the face.” – Jack Handy

I would only add that it is also there in the faces of adults. We need only look a bit more carefully.