Disractions, by Michael MamasLast night I was interviewed on the Canadian radio program called “Viewpoints”. It will be broadcast throughout Canada several times this weekend. I had no idea what the subject was going to be. It turns out that a number of people were interviewed regarding the epidemic obsession with the many distractions these days, such as computer gadgets, and what to do about it.

Ideas included all the popular suggestions like “unplugging”. I put forth that though those approaches can be helpful, there is also value to all the wonderful things our age of distraction has to offer. Instead of closing ourselves off to them, we can give the kite of our lives a longer tail.

People are spinning like kites without a tail. Through meditation, we stabilize our lives by strengthening our sense of self, so the kite can soar ever higher without spinning. We can then enjoy all the wonderful things our technological age has to offer without losing our sense of self – our inner wisdom, balance and reason.┬áIt’s about the integration of the depth of our being with the surface of life.