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“It’s 2 a.m., my usual rising time. My wife and children are all fast asleep. The house is silent, lit only by an occasional nightlight. I quietly slip out of bed, and make my way down the stairs to my home office. I flip open my laptop, the only source of light in the room, and settle before it in my armchair. I have no particular purpose or intention at that time. I am just there, in quiet stillness, allowing my still, peaceful, nighttime awareness to float where it may.

“This is the time when I naturally reflect upon the status of my life, both business and personal. I feel no need to make decisions or come up with conclusions about anything. I am just there, as my silent thoughts naturally sort themselves out. It is an effortless time. I do not try to direct my intention or focus my thoughts. In their own time, insights or worthwhile, new perspectives arise, as if almost by themselves. I may jot down a word or sentence here or there, just as a reminder for later reference. These reminders need not be complete concepts. In fact, they probably should not be complete concepts. They just serve as reminders that I can come back to later during the busy times of day to deal with in an active way”…

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“Even Busy Business People Need Quiet Time”
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