100% Responsibility - Michael MamasEntrepreneur.com just published one of my latest articles. It begins:

“Conflicts and arguments in the workplace are very common — and very detrimental — to a business. Conflicts among coworkers can damage productivity, impact employee morale and hurt the work environment. Things can even get bad enough that employees quit. When that happens, it is a terrible reflection on the individuals involved in the conflict and on the business as a whole. How team members feel when they think of their workplace is critical to the success of the business.

“Think of the last time you were in an argument. Chances are, it was easy to see how the other person was wrong. What’s usually not so easy to see is how we could have been wrong. Our ego and identity with our perspective make our fault in the conflict difficult to see. There’s an effective tool that, when used properly, can help us. It’s called ‘100 percent responsibility'”…

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“How Taking the Perspective of 100% Responsibility Resolves Conflict and Builds Teams”