ShivaWithin a month, the movie, Miracles from Heaven, will be in the theaters. It is about a young girl with an ‘incurable’ disease. Falling from a tree 30 feet, she hit her head, yet emerged unharmed. She tells of how, upon landing upside down inside the hollowed-out trunk, she went to heaven where Jesus spoke with her. Telling him she wanted to stay with him, he said, “No, I have plans for you back on earth.” He said he would send a guardian angel with her to protect her from harm. Miraculously, after the fall, her incurable disease was gone.

Certainly we’ve heard many such miraculous accounts. They do little to shift people’s belief systems. The non-spiritual easily rationalize these accounts away as fanciful coincidences. Science is, of course, a fantastic tool. Yet many of life’s greatest mysteries cannot be fathomed through controlled laboratory tests or scientific experiments. The greatest wonders and most fulfilling aspects of life lie beyond the touch of our current scientific methods.

Everyone senses divinity deep within their own being. That divinity presents itself uniquely to every individual based upon their background and belief systems. For some, it is simply moral fiber or an inner sense of right and wrong. For others, it may be Jesus, Shiva, Durga, or what have you. There is only one unified field, one underlying basis to all of life and existence, one God. Yet that God has many faces.