The World Is 99.9% Perspective… but That 0.1% Is Key, by Michael MamasThe Huffington Post

“The World Is 99.9% Perspective… but That 0.1% Is Key”
99.9% of this world we live in is perspective. It’s just opinion. It’s a viewpoint to which people cling to as valid. We base our lives upon these perspectives. They define our science, our religion, and our moral values. Yet, as Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” Reality is not concrete. It is paradoxical, undefinable, and ungraspable…
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Conflict Resolution: When Letting Go Is Key, by Michael MamasLinkedIn

“Conflict Resolution: When Letting Go Is Key”
Inevitably, in business and in our personal life, we will all say things that hurt or offend other people. We will say things that don’t clearly articulate what we really mean. We will say foolish things. We will be incorrect from time to time. Others will also do all these same things to us. All these circumstances boil down to poor communication, lack of communion, and a loss of harmony amongst people. Yet, all these interactions are a superficial aspect of life. Down deep, we all want harmony. We all want peace. We all want to feel our communion with others, with humanity, and with all of life…
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