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“Everything Bends: When Life Defies Our Way of Thinking”
We live in a world of digital bits, bytes, and on/off switches. If it just stopped there, we would be okay, but it doesn’t. We project that kind of thinking onto our world views of everything from politics to baking to morality. Oh, if only life were so simple.

The truth is that life is not about black and white truths. Life is all about shades, hues, and contours. Life is not defined with straight lines. Everything bends…

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Science Informs, But Meaning Lies Beyond It - Michael MamasMedium.com

“Science Informs Our Lives, Yet Meaning Lies Beyond It”
The American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson once said that when scientists talk to the public, they speak about what they know; when they speak privately amongst themselves, they talk about what they don’t know. The way I see it, if we lived a life confined strictly to what we can scientifically prove, our lives would be ridiculous.

I will not live my life attempting to defy science.

Nor will I live my life limited to what science has currently proven…

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