WJ9A2056We can study and learn a lot about psychodynamics and personal process.  This is, of course, very helpful as we go through life.  However, when we are going through emotionally challenging times, it can be difficult to implement what we have learned.  When emotions take over, we humans experience them as our truth, regardless of whether we know better or not. Like it or not, we are all incredibly human.  When in a human body, we function as humans.

As with spirituality, knowing all about psychodynamics does not make a person psychodynamically healthy.  Spirituality and psychodynamic health are both a matter of physiology of the nervous system.  Memorizing information is of value, but no substitute for state of mind, state of physiology of the mind.  So when emotional challenges come up in life, we must strive to be strong and remember what we have learned.  Those times when we need that knowledge most, are the times we find employing it most challenging.

Incidentally, this is one of those blogs that when read, people feel I am talking to them directly.  I can right away imagine a number of people who will think that. Please understand that to my mind, this applies to, and is a good reminder for, everyone.