Political Pendulum - Michael MamasThe further the pendulum swings one way, the further it will swing back the other. If not for the seriousness of the matter, the current race for the presidency couldĀ be viewed as a humorous illustration of this principle. Some would say that Obama’s liberalism elicited the extreme fanatical conservatism of Ted Cruz. The pendulum then swings to the previously unthinkable socialistic tenants of Bernie Sanders, only to swing wildly in the opposite direction to Trump’s unbridled positions and expressions.

It’s no surprise that politicians then characterize one another with such extreme expressions as communist, criminal, madman, liar, crackpot, etc. The recent debates come across more as a flurry of temper tantrums rather than as an articulate discussion of global issues.

It’s commonly said that what’s on the outside is on the inside. That’s a terrifying thought! The only way out of this tornado of political turmoil is to tend to what dwells within, namely stresses, strains, and the seething torrent of anger and hatred. Everybody just needs to calm down!

My advise to all those politicians and the public that elects them is to Learn Surya Ram Meditation!