The Pumpkin PatchIt was Sunday afternoon so our daughters were home from school.
My wife said, “We’re going to the pumpkin patch to get our Halloween pumpkin. Wanna come?”
“No,” I said, “I’ve got work to do.”
I figured there was always next year to take the kids to the pumpkin patch.

The years went by.
There were many missed pumpkin patches, Christmas trees, and family outings.

I never had any regrets in life.
I was always strong and committed to doing my work and providing for my family.

But the seasonal pumpkin patches of one form or another I missed, I now regret.
The years went by in a flash.
How I wish I got up and went with my family… to the pumpkin patch, through the years, in all its diverse and wondrous forms.

When I was a kid, my childhood seemed to last forever.
But my kids’ childhoods. Well for me, they went by in a flash.

Now the computerized picture frame on my shelf scrolls through family scenes from years gone by.
And there’s the one they took at that pumpkin patch.
Where was I?