The popular notions of bigotry are too limited. As a result its essential nature, its source, is obscured.

Bigotry is a physiological state. It is not just a cultural or idealogical conviction. The laudable suppression of racial bigotry has not healed the essence or source of bigotry. As a result the physiological basis of bigotry emerges in other forms. What was once racial bigotry has become, for example, political bigotry. Hateful intolerance of opposing political viewpoints is now the self righteously indignant justification of bigotry in its latest form.

When hatred exists in the physiology of people, it will find a way to surface upon others…  to be unleashed upon others… until the hate causing stresses and strains in the physiology are removed.  Proper meditation roots out such stresses and strains in the physiology.

The Source of Bigotry | Michael Mamas