Don’t we all find negative political campaigning offensive? Don’t we wish it was not that way?
Then why is it done?
The answer is simple: Because it works.

But why does it work?
Because it sticks.
Once said, it resonates with something inside of people.
People easily believe the negative and doubt the positive.
Even internet trolls, with one sentence, are believed.

But why does it stick?
Because negativity resonates with negativity.
If people are negative, they resonate with and believe the negative.

Yet deeper within we know better.
That is why we are put off by negative campaigning.
Yet living more superficially, the negativity within people reigns.
Though people long for the positive, though they want to believe the positive, they resonate more with the negative.
Otherwise negative campaigning would not work.
Positivity is not naive. Naivety is oblivious. Positivity has eyes wide open, yet does not crumble at the feet of negativity.

May the crust of negative mentality be dispelled.
May the day come when we do not so quickly think the worst of others.
May we live our lives in dedication to purging humanity of negativity.
May the day come when negativity is not considered smart… street smart.
May the day come when positivity is considered, not naive, but wise and true.

Negative Campaigning - Michael Mamas