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Moving Beyond Self-Limitation Begins Here, by Michael MamasThe Huffington Post

“Moving Beyond Self-Limitation Begins Here”
We all paint ourselves into a corner with our habitual thinking, feelings, and behavior. It’s not so difficult to see how other people do this, but it can be very difficult to see how we do it to ourselves. If only we could step out of our own head, and into someone else’s for just a minute, it would be worth a lifetime of psychotherapy. The more insight we gain into how other people paint themselves into a corner, the more capable we become of taking a look at how we do it.
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To Disarm Negativity in your Team, First Understand its Function, by Michael MamasLinkedIn

“To Disarm Negativity in your Team, First Understand its Function”
It is important to understand that venting and negativity are normal and here to stay. From time to time, they are going to happen. So, it is important for you, as well as everyone else on your team, to find ways to deal with them constructively.
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Personal Growth: The Challenge and Value of Finding Your Own WayThe Huffington Post

“Personal Growth: The Challenge and Value of Finding Your Own Way”
We human beings are very complex. In spite of many attempts otherwise, how we think and feel seldom follows a completely rational course. It doesn’t work to tell ourselves how we are supposed to feel. We feel what we feel. We may try to override those emotions, but it only drives them deeper. The more we drive them beneath the surface, the more they fester and distort, only to surface again in another way, at another time…

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Build Your Personal Brand by Conducting Business Like Best-in-Class

“Build Your Personal Brand by Conducting Business Like Best-in-Class Entrepreneurs”
In my life, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with best-in-class, wealthy businessmen who function in a realm untainted by pettiness, greed, anger or negativity. It’s almost as if they exist within some rarified current that flows above any earthly vices — yet is the guiding light that directs their worldly business affairs…

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The Big Bang of the Brain: Is Humanity Evolving Toward the Image of God?

“The Big Bang of the Brain: Is Humanity Evolving Toward the Image of God?”
Darwin was correct about species evolving to promote the survival of the fittest, but he didn’t have the whole story. According to computer models, the big bang of the brain occurred far too quickly to be attributed strictly to survival of the fittest. A viable explanation follows…

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Limited Knowledge, Unlimited Judgement - Michael MamasThe Huffington Post

“Avoid the Limited Knowledge, Unlimited Judgment Syndrome”
Incredibly, we often form our opinions and judgments with very limited knowledge and have no interest in looking any deeper into it. Oftentimes these judgments are a result of a first impression. The first impression of anyone or anything that is new is very difficult to get past. It becomes our assumption of truth…

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IPGACO - Michael

“6 Insights to Increase Your Business Acumen”
In business, most of our focus is on what lies outside of us, but it is more important to pay attention to what lies within us and limits our ability to be effective in our profession. Whether we are communicating with others or are just having our own private thoughts, the acronym IPGACO can bring us awareness that makes all the difference between insight and oblivion.…

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Rational Age and Religion - Michael MamasLinkedIn

“How Our Rational Age Will Transform Religion”
Participation in organized religion has certainly been on the decline over the past several years. Church attendance is way down and atheism is on the rise. Why is this happening? Can and should we do anything about it?

At first glance, religiously minded people consider the decline to be a terrible thing. However even for the religiously minded, it can be understood as a positive thing. This can be a guiding light for a future spiritual renaissance, in which attendance at spiritual organizations could reach an all-time high. How could this be?…

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Articles Published This Week

Note: The articles on and LinkedIn are NOT just for business people!

The Huffington Post

The Secret to Understanding Anything - Michael Mamas“The Secret to Understanding Anything”
To understand something, we generally feel that we must be able to define, explain, and tangibly hold it in our hand. But the subtleties of life, that which makes life sweet and beautiful, cannot be managed.

6 Tips for Helping Employees Work Through Conflicts, by Michael Mamas“6 Tips for Helping Employees Work Through Conflicts”
These tips help people resolve conflicts in any situation, not just work. Throughout my decades working in a leadership role, I’ve learned a lot about helping people through conflicts.


Don't Let Disappointment Derail Your Business“Don’t Let Disappointment Derail Your Business”
Again, this article is not just for business people. In disappointing and stressful times, we can all feel the place inside of us where we could get angry or collapse or get caught up in the stress of the situation. In those times, we need to take a step back and find within ourselves a response that is effective and honorable.

Win/Win: The Enlightened Business Mentality

Enlightened Business - Michael MamasMy new LinkedIn article begins:

Clearly, the business world can be viewed in two different ways. At one extreme, it is a ruthless, usury type of enterprise where the employees and companies the business deals with all need to lose in order for it to succeed. At the other end of the spectrum is the idea of an enlightened business person who brings wealth and fulfillment to all individuals and businesses involved.

What if there were highly evolved and enlightened business people at the highest levels of business? How could this change the national and global prospects for the world economy and, in fact, all of humanity? Let’s take a closer look at what it would mean to be an enlightened business person and imagine how they might function…

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“Win/Win: The Enlightened Business Mentality”

7 Common Barriers to Communication

Barriers to Communication - Michael MamasI just posted a new article on LinkedIn. It begins:

“Communication skills are often taught from a technique standpoint. However, the foundation of communication skills lies deeper within us, involving our emotional instincts and unchecked habits. Awareness of such behavioral patterns is the foundation of communication mastery. By exploring the following examples, the door opens to a world of understanding and wise communication”…

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“7 Common Barriers to Communication”