The Information Age

In this age, information is everywhere… the Internet, the newscasts, even bumper stickers. Warfare is information oriented. Psychological warfare between nations, cultures, political parties, and provincial groups. Discernment is of utmost importance. Indoctrination is everywhere. Do not base your life upon the whims and biases of life’s karmic winds… karmic whims… vogue perspectives. Discernment comes from deep within.

The Information Age - Michael Mamas

Are All the Seers Gone or Are We Simply Not Seeing Them?

Seers Gone? - Michael just published one of my new articles. It begins:

“Don’t we all long for a wise mentor? Perhaps we imagine that person sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch on a fine summer day. Or maybe we climb a mountaintop and find them sitting outside their cave. Then again, it may be the image of the wise, reflective grandmother whose every utterance is just what we needed to hear, like the Oracle in The Matrix. Do they still exist? Have we driven them all underground? Or perhaps we wouldn’t recognize them if we saw them”…

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“Are All the Seers Gone or Are We Simply Not Seeing Them?”

How to Avoid the Beach Ball Syndrome (and End the Cycle of World Wars)

The Beach Ball Syndrome - Michael MamasI just published a new article on

It begins:

“You can push and hold a beach ball beneath the water surface, but when you let it go, it will spring right back up to the surface. Our world’s history reads as a historical account of essentially the same process, over and over and over again”…

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“How to Avoid the Beach Ball Syndrome (and End the Cycle of World Wars)”
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Where East and West Agree on the Ultimate Purpose of Being Human

Purpose of Being Human - Michael just published another one of my articles.

It begins:

“I grew up in a scientifically oriented home, which included a father who was an electrical engineer and a brother who was a Ph.D. in modern physics. I double majored in honors physics and mathematics in undergrad, and was essentially an atheist. My life pursuit has been for knowledge. I didn’t really care what I found out. I just wanted to know the true nature of life and existence. To convey everything I discovered would require volumes. The more things seamlessly came together from so many diverse angles of approach, the more confident I became in their validity. What follows is a brief introduction to what I discovered”…

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“Where East And West Agree On The Ultimate Purpose Of Being Human”
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The Storm Before the Calm – Which Generation Will Hear the Wake-Up Call?

Calm Before the Storm - Michael just published another one of my new articles.

An excerpt:

“If history does indeed repeat itself, the next great reckoning is around the corner. But before you think I’m pessimistic, understand that the reckoning will be followed by a new sobering of America… a stable economy, a safe society, and a set of moral values rooted in reality. A great time is coming soon.”

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“The Storm Before the Calm – Which Generation Will Hear the Wake-Up Call?”
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During our stay in San Francisco, I learned more from taxi cab drivers than one might imagine. They offer grassroot views of humanity that seem to slice through every possible perspective on the planet. To whatever extent they could or could not be documented as factual, the perspectives give a snapshot insight into a worldwide set of modern mentalities that would probably not be readily available any other way.

One cabbie told me of his escape from a newly formed militant country in Africa. In a ten-day harrowing ordeal, he was smuggled through the jungle and across the border to safety in Ethiopia.

Another told me of his life in Honduras and his new life here in the U.S. His children now are aspiring to very bright futures, worlds away from the childhood he knew. His daughter plans to become a civil rights attorney. His son loves soccer and plans to enter college soon. His childhood world seemed to be as unknown to them as it is to me. As he drove us to the Golden Gate Bridge where we would hike across and on to Sausalito, he gave a verbal tour of San Francisco that surpassed anything I could find online.

Still another told us of how in 1972, he hitchhiked to San Francisco from Baltimore to join the hippie movement. He told of the days when he rented a studio apartment for $100 per month that now rents for $3500! Back then he said you could, on a Saturday afternoon, lie in the middle of a downtown city street with no fear of any traffic. Those streets now, on any given Saturday, are packed with cars. Many of his successful friends from those days, he said, are now homeless, unable to afford the high rents and costs driven up by the tech economy that took over the city.

I had a great conversation with a Russian who, when I asked, “What do you think of Putin?” responded with, “What do you think of Al Capone?” He said that Putin would be in prison if he had not become President.

Then there was a Mongolian, an Iranian, and a Filipino, each with his own compelling life story. After telling one of them that I felt they should charge over and above the fare for their fascinating stories, he responded by saying that he felt he should pay his passengers for their fascinating stories as well. The taxi drivers of San Francisco gave me far more than just transportation from one part of the city to another. They have given me a heartfelt education and have re-enlivened my love of humanity.

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