Interesting Vaastu Observations

Interesting Vaastu ObservationsAccording to Vaastu, southern entrances can be problematic particularly if they are not handled with care. Three possible examples have been offered:

1) Nepal:  After the northern entrance through China was suppressed the main entrance was to the south through India.  A Vaastu expert then commented that there was no hope for the country if that persisted.  Then, of course, the terrible earthquakes followed.

2) U.S. via Mexico:  A Vaastu expert commented that if not well regulated, that south entrance into the U.S. would lead to big problems.

3) Alamo:  The entrance to the Alamo was through the center of the south wall, which according to Vaastu means death.

Radio Interview: Spirituality in “The Age of Distraction”

Canada Radio Interview of Michael Mamas

I was recently interviewed by Todd van der Heyden on CJAD radio in Canada. His "Viewpoints" radio show is broadcast weekly across Canada and in London. Todd is also a national television news anchor with CTV News. His latest radio show featured a segment on "The Age of Distraction."

The link below takes you to the part of the show where Todd interviewed me about spirituality in the age of distraction.

Listen to the interview.


Disractions, by Michael MamasLast night I was interviewed on the Canadian radio program called “Viewpoints”. It will be broadcast throughout Canada several times this weekend. I had no idea what the subject was going to be. It turns out that a number of people were interviewed regarding the epidemic obsession with the many distractions these days, such as computer gadgets, and what to do about it.

Ideas included all the popular suggestions like “unplugging”. I put forth that though those approaches can be helpful, there is also value to all the wonderful things our age of distraction has to offer. Instead of closing ourselves off to them, we can give the kite of our lives a longer tail.

People are spinning like kites without a tail. Through meditation, we stabilize our lives by strengthening our sense of self, so the kite can soar ever higher without spinning. We can then enjoy all the wonderful things our technological age has to offer without losing our sense of self – our inner wisdom, balance and reason. It’s about the integration of the depth of our being with the surface of life.

Left Births Right

Identity with perspective breeds contempt for other perspectives.

Like the rhythmic swaying of a wheat field in turbulent winds, humanities perspectives are blown about in the winds of karma.

The blades of mentality sway like pendulums of opposing viewpoints.

Politicians argue.
Children bicker.
Generals wage war.
Philosophers debate.

The world spins round.

Left Births Right - Michael Mamas

The Story of God

The Story of God Tv Show Commentary, by Michael MamasSunday, April 3, on the Nation Geographic Channel, The Story of God with Morgan Freeman will be televised. It will be interesting to see what they say. As times change, people change… human mentality changes. We all share one group consciousness, though it changes in hue, texture, content and form as we traverse the globe, as well as through time. How that group consciousness interfaces with information is called ‘knowledge’.

As Jane Wagner put it, “Reality is a collective hunch.” That is why existence of our universe is called “relativity”, the field of relativity. The Transcendent, the Unified Field, Pure Is-ness, Pure Consciousness, the Absolute (call it what you will) is not of relativity. But we view it from the world of relativity. The tendency is to cling to a relative perspective of the Absolute and call that ‘Truth’. In my college years I called that a ‘clarity trip’. The history of humanity can be viewed as the history of ‘clarity trips’.

As one’s awareness becomes free from identity with clarity trips, one gains the ability to see beyond the horizon. In so doing, we do not reject or belittle clarity trips, but we do come to understand, honor, and appreciate them in a new way. Each clarity trip reaches out to the ungraspable, the Absolute, from a unique angle. In time, everything comes together within you. It is as if all the clarity trips, all the unlimited number of realities come together and crystalize (gelatinize) into a unified whole. At that time, the Absolute is experienced as the Self, as well as the backdrop to all relative existence.

The Source of Bigotry

The popular notions of bigotry are too limited. As a result its essential nature, its source, is obscured.

Bigotry is a physiological state. It is not just a cultural or idealogical conviction. The laudable suppression of racial bigotry has not healed the essence or source of bigotry. As a result the physiological basis of bigotry emerges in other forms. What was once racial bigotry has become, for example, political bigotry. Hateful intolerance of opposing political viewpoints is now the self righteously indignant justification of bigotry in its latest form.

When hatred exists in the physiology of people, it will find a way to surface upon others…  to be unleashed upon others… until the hate causing stresses and strains in the physiology are removed.  Proper meditation roots out such stresses and strains in the physiology.

The Source of Bigotry | Michael Mamas