Advanced Techniques

Advanced TechniquesOver the next two years, I will be giving advanced techniques first to the ashram people and then for those who have laid a solid foundation within the transcendent. They will be available to those who have been regular in their meditations for at least one year. The process has already begun with the ashram people and will become available to others in the future. I believe for many, now that the foundation has been laid, it will be as if the lights finally get turned on.



Q&A About People in Recovery

I received the following question:

“For people in recovery, a sense of spirituality and self, as well as an honest appraisal of conditioning that has obscured the self, seem to me to be essential. I wonder if you have any more thoughts on this?”

To which I respond:

“You are absolutely correct. In particular, the direct experience of deeper values of the self is profoundly healing in recovery. That is why our meditation can help tremendously.”

CRS Blog 2017-01-19 - Michael Mamas

How to Avoid the Beach Ball Syndrome (and End the Cycle of World Wars)

The Beach Ball Syndrome - Michael MamasI just published a new article on

It begins:

“You can push and hold a beach ball beneath the water surface, but when you let it go, it will spring right back up to the surface. Our world’s history reads as a historical account of essentially the same process, over and over and over again”…

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“How to Avoid the Beach Ball Syndrome (and End the Cycle of World Wars)”
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Why Meditation Works and How it Benefits the Workplace

Meditation in the Workplace - Michael just published one of my latest articles. It begins:

“For many people, meditation has a negative connotation. To be honest, there was a time when I would’ve seen meditation in that light. But after learning to meditate, and practicing it for some time, my opinion about it has completely changed.

“For those of you looking to improve your health, clarity of mind, sense of well-being and productivity, meditation is for you”…

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“Why Meditation Works and How it Benefits the Workplace”
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Disractions, by Michael MamasLast night I was interviewed on the Canadian radio program called “Viewpoints”. It will be broadcast throughout Canada several times this weekend. I had no idea what the subject was going to be. It turns out that a number of people were interviewed regarding the epidemic obsession with the many distractions these days, such as computer gadgets, and what to do about it.

Ideas included all the popular suggestions like “unplugging”. I put forth that though those approaches can be helpful, there is also value to all the wonderful things our age of distraction has to offer. Instead of closing ourselves off to them, we can give the kite of our lives a longer tail.

People are spinning like kites without a tail. Through meditation, we stabilize our lives by strengthening our sense of self, so the kite can soar ever higher without spinning. We can then enjoy all the wonderful things our technological age has to offer without losing our sense of self – our inner wisdom, balance and reason. It’s about the integration of the depth of our being with the surface of life.

The Source of Bigotry

The popular notions of bigotry are too limited. As a result its essential nature, its source, is obscured.

Bigotry is a physiological state. It is not just a cultural or idealogical conviction. The laudable suppression of racial bigotry has not healed the essence or source of bigotry. As a result the physiological basis of bigotry emerges in other forms. What was once racial bigotry has become, for example, political bigotry. Hateful intolerance of opposing political viewpoints is now the self righteously indignant justification of bigotry in its latest form.

When hatred exists in the physiology of people, it will find a way to surface upon others…  to be unleashed upon others… until the hate causing stresses and strains in the physiology are removed.  Proper meditation roots out such stresses and strains in the physiology.

The Source of Bigotry | Michael Mamas